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Sending files to Tarseam using web browser

You can use this method to send your file(s) to us instead of using email.

We think this method is the easiest and most efficient way of sending your file(s) to us.

Before you can upload any file, you just need to login.
You will be then provided a way to attach your file to the form when you submit it to us.


Sending files to Tarseam using email


Graphic files get large rather fast and can become too large for most Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) many ISP’s have a size limit on files usually around 5 megabytes (MB). Not only does your own ISP have a size limit but the recipients ISP has a size limit as well, which will include all other items sitting in their mailbox at any given time.


In order to avoid a problem gather all the files necessary for the job into a folder and compress it with Winzip. The compression will assist in making the file smaller and faster to transfer and will help stop any corruption that could happen in transfer. If the compressed file is over 5 MB it should not be emailed and should either be uploaded to our FTP site or transferred to zip for pick-up and delivery to Tarseam. If the file is smaller than 5 MB then it should be fine.


In the body of your email give all the relevant information i.e. the Tarseam sales contact, if the job has been quoted or not, file information such as the software programs used and the due date. Also give a brief description of how the finished piece is to be used (this will enable our technical people to offer appropriate advice on options and on avoiding unnecessary costs). Include all contact information for the job such as person in charge, technical contact, phone numbers, billing information, shipping information, project name and purchase order number.


The file should be attached to an email and sent to Tarseam. Be sure to call the person that the email is directed to beforehand so if it does not arrive they are able to notify you immediately and avoid any delays.


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