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To give you such outstanding quality, value, service, and FIT, We thrive to deliver the best fitting and perfect proportioning pattern with the measurements submitted, our fit is as good as the measurements or specification submitted so please take the time to and Carefully read all instructions and measure exactly how we instruct


If you are a designer, pattern maker or apparel manufacturer and you aren't familiar with Tarseam Size chart please click here before contacting Tarseam inc.

All orders are custom made according to your specifications and measurements, we create your patterns from scratch.

If your order does not fit to your specification, we shall be glad to offer additional modification at NO CHARGE  under our Commit To Fit Guarantee.

We want your TOTAL SATISFACTION. We work with our customers to perfect the fit of their patterns until they are completely satisfied with the fit.

To modify your pattern you need to email
please send us an e-mail describing what the problem is, provide as much detail as you can.

Please note: That allowances will be added to body measurements in order to give the garment a degree of comfort and to preserve the look of the style, your pattern will not measure the same as the body measurements. All customer patterns are saved in our database for grading and for future orders.

  • We grantee our services to  Large-scale apparel manufacturers will save time and money over their current pattern making and grading while increasing quality.
  • Small businesses such as tailor and couturier shops will be able to afford this our services.
  • Commercial pattern makers will be able to offer individual patterns at the retail level. 
  • College students, who normally spend two years just to learn how to draft, create and grade patterns, will benefit from our services and we are willing to give them free consulting how we can help them and provides them perfect proportioning basic patterns.

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