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Material Utilization

Tarseam has material utilization reporting will help you to maintain realistic material per unit estimations for each product/style you manufacture .

We have been intimately involved in material utilization:  spreading, cutting, marker making, evaluating overseas cutting operations, and negotiating fabric costs. Based on the research, we use mathematical relationships within the processes of fabric usage that have resulted in very good accuracy. 

Utilization specialists will have an easy way to see where material is being used well at your or outside plants, and to determine what practices are hurting the bottom line



Our experts address the issues of fabric, complications involved in offshore contracting, and best accuracy in predicting/negotiating fabric costs. Controlling fabric costs is one of the most considerable issues all over the

world. Cut-make-trim (CMT) / package programs like Estmark tm software are used that accurately estimates fabric yield by itemizing all the components of production into its calculation. The accuracy of the results depends on the quality of the data entered.

Variance between the actual cost of fabric at the end of production and the estimated cost of fabric on the bill of

materials is carefully studied; thus ensuring real end costs.

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