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Most of the cloth simulation and modeling techniques rely on the energy function of the system. The geometric deformation is related to the energy function by the fabric material characteristics, which are usually difficult to measure directly.

Drape is a property of fabrics associated with the aesthetic appearance of garments and other textile structures. Formally, Fabric drape can be defined as a description of the deformation of the fabric produced by gravity when only part of it is directly supported.

A garment, for example a skirt, is in contact with the body only at some places. Most of the rest of the skirt falls gracefully and forms smooth folds.

Simulation of fabric drape has many uses, including computer-aided apparel design which is best supported at Tarseam.

We have experience in handling drape requirements. Our experts can provide you best solution according to your draping needs while keeping both the

money & time costs low. Furthermore quality work is our first preference.

Our computer plotters run 24 hours to ensure you the fastest possible service.


Your data will be stored in our system for re-orders or in case you lose your original data. Accounts that are inactive for six months will be purged from our system.

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