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Introduction to CAD:
A session designed specifically for those who have never used CAD System (pattern design, grading and marker making system) but are interested in exploring its wide range of productivity-enhancing capabilities.

Data Conversions:
Introduction to data exchange with variant CAD System.

Exploring the Third Dimension:
To create a virtual garment from 2-dimensional patterns on a 3-dimensional, true-to-life body image. Eliminate product samples. Drastically reduce product approval and production times, slash time to market and boost profitability.

Textile Design:
Conceptual and textile design.

AccuMark(Gerber System):

Data Management to Maximize Productivity:
Find out how you can use AccuMark Explorer to get more information out of your system and communicate with your global partners.

Streamline Your Production Processes:
You will see how your business information systems can prepare order, marker, plot and cut jobs in your AccuMark enabling high levels of automation.

PDS Power Tools:
Discover how to improve your efficiency in PDS by becoming familiar with the many aspects of its user interface.

Data Reporting Using SQL & CSV:
Find out how you can save information about pieces, models, and markers in the AccuMark relational database and how to produce useful reports from this information.

Understanding AccuMark & SQL:
AccuMark users with large configurations can benefit from storing data in relational databases including MSDE and Microsoft SQL Server. This session will introduce this capability and how best to implement it across your network.

Understanding PDS seam functions:
AccuMark PDS software provides the most powerful set of automatic seam allowance functions in the industry. This session is for those users who want to learn more about the intricacies of these functions to improve the manufacturability of their patterns.

PDS advanced grading functions:
Find out how and where to use the many automatic grading functions within AccuMark PDS software.

Achieving Pattern Excellence:
Discover all the tools available in PDS (block walking, view, etc.) to ensure accuracy and quality in your pattern making tasks

Lay limits, Annotation, Options and More!
Find out about those functions that you haven’t had time to explore on your own. We’ll go into details about Laylimits, Annotation, Model options, and block fusing and other areas.

Advanced Marker Making:
Find out how you could benefit by using some of the advanced tools of your CAD system in marking. examples of scoop, block fusing, splices, sliding lay rules, dynamic alterations, bump lines and even customizing your marking workspace.

Construction details:
Review the page functionality of Line Assortment, Construction details, Measurement Worksheet, Multi Fit Evaluation, QA, and Form Wizard.

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