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Custom Size sloper! You can order slopers that custom-fit to your personalized measurements.

See: Custom Size.

Low waist jeans pattern for man and woman:

How To Alter Basic Pants Length.

How to Make A-Line Skirt from Basic Skirt.

What is a Sloper?. For those who don't know, a sloper is a basic pattern from which other patterns are designed

The basic pattern follows the natural lines and represents the basic dimensions of a figure, from which all styles are based on, also called basic pattern, block pattern or foundation pattern. more detail.

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  • You design or produce ready-to-wear clothing for the mass-market.
  • Have YOU ever struggled to make a garment
    that fits and look great?
  • Many couturiers and manufactures have
    difficulty with the fit and grading.

Then you need Tarseam' Scientific Standard-Sized Slopers. Slopers that fit well to the figure's.

The dimensions are important assets in apparel industry.

    By using Tarrah Technology, enable us to provide you AAMA, DXF  format which these formats can be imported to other cad system such as Gerber, Lectra, Opitex, and Pad System.

    The slopers and patterns are also available in PDF & HP-GL format ready to plot in full scale, regardless of hardware and software platforms.

    To view and download a free sample in deferent format and print out a hard-copy click here.

We make full selection of slopers!

  • 100s different sizes to choose from. Available from Toddler, Child, to Large/Plus sizes.
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  • You can also order slopers that custom-fit to your personalized measurements.
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  • Over 1000 sets of slopers for Children, Women and Men.
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  • Technical information in details.
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